What we do

Our model, the Bitou Integrated Education and Development Plan (BIEDP) is unique to South Africa. We are mandated to facilitate an integrated education development plan working in collaboration with our municipality, our education department, local service providers and NPOs. We ensure the progressive implementation of a locally consulted, designed and supported education plan from early childhood development to youth and young adult preparation for the world of work.

The BIEDP identifies the four imperative keys to its success as: 

  • Integrating all local education sectors and services from ECD to young adult education 
  • Addressing barriers to quality education for all learners including those with special needs 
  • Establishing a learner support system at every learning site 
  • Linking education to the world of work and opportunity

Good education is the foundation upon which leading communities and countries are built. In Bitou, we are creating a learning environment that develops children who are well equipped to lead independent and responsible lives.

Two National Firsts

We are able to lay claim to two unique distinctions:

  • Bitou is the only region in the country to have an integrated education development plan from Early Childhood Development to the Grade 12 School Leaver - we facilitated it and have been mandated to implement it.
  • We have an Expression of Common Purpose agreement with the Western Cape Education Department at local Circuit level which sees us supporting the WCED’s mandate by building their capacity with human and material resources. This imaginative partnership is endorsed by the MEC for Education.