Early Childhood Development

Learning Skills Readiness Programme

Too many of our learners from deeply deprived backgrounds find it difficult to cope with the educational curriculum in the Foundation Phase (Grades 1-3) and on average students in B10F schools obtain poor Literacy and Numeracy scores. 

The specific objective of this programme, which benefits more than 400 children in our community, is to prepare them adequately for formal schooling. 

Education specialists attribute the poor Literacy and Numeracy scores in B10F schools largely to the fact that children from disadvantaged rural backgrounds are not adequately prepared for school. The Learning Skills Readiness Programme develops ECD teachers and the children simultaneously by providing a set of activities against which both the teacher and the children can measure their own progress and development over a 10-month period. Occupational Therapists assist with the development of activities and offer the ECD facilitators and teachers advice and support in dealing with specific issues and children’s specific issues.

ECD Support

This programme was prompted by the gap in provision made for 5 and 6 year old children in Bitou’s ECD sector who cannot secure places in WCED subsidised classes. 

The specific objective of this programme, which benefits teachers of 4-5 year olds, is to enable help them to identify developmental delays. 

Currently the programme capacitates 14 teachers of 4-5 year olds to identify developmental delays and gain an understanding of how to enable children to develop the appropriate learning readiness skills for their developmental stage. This programme is reaching 358 children aged 4-5 at 14 ECD centres.