Visual Arts Programme

Our Visual Arts programme at Harkerville primary inspired learners to create a space in which they feel they can express their artistic skills and enthusiasm freely amongst others who share their passion. They have crowned this space, The Painting Palace. The Painting Palace is a symbol of how these students feel filled with excitement, are actively taking responsibility and making an effort to change the circumstances they find themselves in.

Learners from the primary schools in Bitou, who participate in the Visual Arts programme, were invited to an Art competition last year. These learners produced such outstanding art pieces which allowed 18 learners from Kranshoek, Harkerville, The Crags and Formosa primary to form part of the top 21 art students in the competition. The top18 students were awarded certificates. These students, their parents and teachers were invited to the Cape Town Choir fundraiser in February this year, where their art were exhibited and where they received art packs.

The programme is positively impacting their lives by providing opportunities were they can explore more creative avenues which has and will continue to enrich their lives. This programme help students to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and help them to make choices based on it. The Visual Arts programme provides children from a financially challenging background with opportunities to travel, meet and socialize with other schools and it enables them to see that the world exist beyond their current circumstances and that there is hope for a bright and successful future through the arts.