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Learner Support  

15 teachers 142 learners

Learner Support.Our aim is to identify and address the needs of vulnerable children who are at risk of dropping out of school, engaging in high risk behaviour or resorting to a life of violence and crime. We plan to reduce unemployment, domestic violence, abuse, delinquency, vandalism, gangs, crime, violence and other social ills that threaten the safety, security and prosperity of our community.

Interventions that improve the general well-being of all children and teach them how to express their feelings and needs without resorting to threats, manipulation, violence or abuse, will give the next generation a better chance of becoming compassionate, motivated, confident, capable and economically active adults.

Group Therapy / The Journey 137 beneficiaries 2017

Our therapists provide individual and group therapy to assist children to reach their full potential despite the challenges which they may face. 

Younger learners receive a teddy, TLC TEDDIES (link) Link will go to knit a teddy form, at the end of their sessions, who will provide tender loving care once the therapist leaves.

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