Learner Support  

15 teachers 142 learners

Learner Support.

Interventions that improve the general well-being of all children and teach them how to express their feelings and needs without resorting to threats, manipulation, violence or abuse, will give the next generation a better chance of achieving success.


Group Therapy


137 beneficiaries 2017


Our therapists provide individual and group therapy to assist children to reach their full potential despite the challenges which they may face.


The group therapy sessions are based on a visualisation technique that involves the accessing and releasing of negative emotions that cause negative behaviour and relationship patterns, and reaching a state of forgiveness, peace and well-being.


The process is a powerful visualization technique guided by a qualified psychologist (recommended by Western Cape Education Department Circuit 4) that promotes deep holistic healing on all levels (mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual).


Through a process of verbally expressing the stored emotional pain that one has experienced in the past, one comes to a natural state of forgiveness. By internalising various qualities, competencies (emotional resources) which would have been helpful at the time of the incident, the old memory is re-experienced more healthily. This intervention promotes healing, forgiveness and enhances emotional intelligence



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