Literacy Development

Many parents from historically disadvantaged communities believe that learning happens in the pre-school and the formal school sector only. Many parents lack the confidence, knowledge and skills to support their children through the learning process, which starts at birth. Homes lack appropriate resources which enable parents to engage in language and literacy-related activities. The objective of our reading programmes is to provide continuous structured programmes to assist learners to read and write with confidence.

Reading and English programme

Reading and English Programme

The programme is coordinated by an experienced professional. The Grade 3 isiXhosa-speaking children at Phakamisani Primary and Kwanokuthula Primary, in Kwanokuthula, benefit from this initiative. By strengthening their English reading, comprehension and language skills, the programme prepares them for the transition from isiXhosa (Home Language in Grade R to Grade 3) to English (Home Language from Grade 4), as the language of learning and teaching. Due to Covid 19, contact sessions have been replaced with literacy resource packs, which learners can use at home and at school. Each pack includes stationery, worksheets and literacy games. The intervention has been extended, to include Grade 2 (English-medium class) at Kwanokuthula Primary. 


Literacy packs Reading and English Programme

Ready Steady Read Write (@ home project)

We have partnered with Wordworks, a Cape Town-based NGO, who supports early language and literacy development of children from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa. Due to Covid 19, Tthe Ready Steady Read Write programme has been adapted as an @ home project, called TIME – Together In My Education. The programme provides all Grade R and Grade 1 learners at Kranshoek, Harkerville and Formosa Primary Schools, with foundational literacy, mathematics and life skills resource packs.

Out co-ordinator provides mentorship and guidance to the teachers and parents at each school on how to effectively utilise the resources. 


Bitou Spelling Stars

Spelling stars

Learners from all Bitou schools from Grade 1 to Grade 7 participate in internal school challenges, in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

Four participants from each school and grade, challenge each other at the Bitou Spelling Stars inter-school event, hosted by Kwanokuthula Primary School.

This initiative aims to:
• provide all learners with an educational experience which promotes healthy competition in supportive environments;
• increase reading, comprehension and cognitive skills;
• improve learners’ confidence, as they gain self-assurance through learning to speak in public.

The winners attend an Award Ceremony, to receive medals and certificates and the winning school in each division: English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa, receive a trophy. A floating trophy is awarded to the winning schools for Junior Phase (Grade 1 to Grade 3) and Intersen Phase (Grade 4 to 7).

BSS 3Bitou Spelling Stars Awards 2019 44