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Mathematics Development

25 teachers and 1398 learners

B10F7 The only mental model that many teachers have of teaching is the memory of the way in which they learnt Mathematics – a mental model that is in most cases deficient. We need to find ways of exposing teachers to more effective methodologies. They need role-models and mentors.

Mathematics specialists, will over the next 3-year cycle, support Grade 4, 5 and 6 Mathematics teachers, respectively, at Kwanokuthula Primary, Phakamisani Primary; Kranshoek Primary; Harkerville Primary and Formosa Primary.

The Specialists:

  • spend one hour per week at each school, supporting both teachers and learners in the classroom. Teachers are assisted with best practice methodologies and strategies to enhance the teaching and learning process.
  • co-ordinate effective Mathematics Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to support teacher development within the Intermediate Phase (Grade 4 – Grade 6). The objective of this intervention is to motivate and empower Bitou Mathematics teachers to effectively plan, present and evaluate the teaching and learning of Mathematics in their classes.
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