Professional Development

432 teachers and 2153 learners

Professional Development

Teachers are trained in best classroom practices, which include intervention strategies for effective discipline, assessment tools, lesson preparation and planning, classroom management and current educational policies and practices.



Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) 2019


Grade 4 Mathematics teachers from Kwanokuthula Primary, Phakamisani Primary, Kranshoek Primary, Harkerville Primary and Formosa Primary, meet twice a term to discuss planning, leson demonstrations and effective teaching methodologies. The sessions are co-ordinated by Dianne de Villiers, Mathematics specialist.


ECD Inclusive Education 2018 


Inclusive Education South Africa (IESA) hosted a 2-day workshop for Early Childhood Development practitioners and managers, including Grade R teachers from the Bitou primary schools. Kim Andreoli, IESA facilitator, facilitated a follow-up session later in the year to discuss challenges and successes of the implementation of Inclusivity in the classroom.


Six Bricks Program 2017

One of Lego Foundation’s tools to introduce learning through play and to inspire learners in the classroom to attain the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes for success in later life. The programme aims to assist and build the physical, intellectual, emotional and social developmental areas as well as developing executive functions, which are the mental skills that help the brain organise and act on information.


Each child received a set of 2x4 stud bricks, one of each colour. The set is conveniently placed on the learner’s desk to be available throughout the day, whenever the teacher would like to do an activity. These activities help children to practice self-control, which is essential to all other learning in life. The ultimate success of these activities lies in their regular repetition which will enable children to consolidate new knowledge.


Teacher Development 2016


Dianne de Villiers facilitated the following workshops for teachers from the Bitou schools:


  1. Part 1. Meeting the Needs of All Students through the Learning Environment
  2. Part 2. Classroom Environment and Materials
  3. Powerful & Positive Classroom Management. - The CHAMPS Programme
  4. Inclusion Policy- Diversity, Accommodations & Multi-Level Learning
  5. The purpose of Assessment and developing an assessment for all learners.
  6. Individual Support Plan
  7. Universal Design for Learning. Practical Implications
  8. Distributed Leadership & SMART Goals
  9. Addressing Barriers to Maths, Number Sense, Dyscalculia
  10. Addressing Barriers to Maths, Types of Errors, Decomposition & Counting, What a good Math classroom should look like
  11. Stages of Reading & Genres of Writing, Hands on Activities for Reading & Writing
  12. Guided, Shared & Independent Reading, Hands on activities


Approximately 45 teachers attending each workshop. Teachers were involved, inspired and interactive during the training, with many eager to start implementing the new strategies and ideas in their classrooms and schools.


"How to Fix African Schools' 2015


Professor Johnathan Jansen facilitated 2 workshops for school principals and school management teams. Each school received a DVD and manual “How to fix South African schools: lessons from schools that Work” by Johanthan Jansen and Molly Blank.


The talk centred around ten strategies that can change our schools.






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