ECD Practitioner Support Project

Early Childhood Development (ECD): Level 5 Practitioner Support Project

While many of our projects are aimed at assisting school age learners, our Early Childhood Development Bursary Project focuses on assisting adults within the Bitou community to achieve the necessary qualifications and further develop the skills needed to work in this field.

The project is run in partnership with The Teacher’s Learning Centre, an accredited ECD training centre in Johannesburg. Over the past five years (since the project’s inception in 2016), thanks to sponsorship from Alain Leger and Vesco Plastcis, twenty-one practitioners have been able to complete the ECD (NQF) Level 5 qualification.

This year, once again with the very generous support of Alain Leger, we have implemented a new project, our Early Childhood Development (ECD): Level 5 Practitioner Support Project. The aim of the project is to further support our ECD (NQF) Level 5 graduates by providing them with the opportunity to gain much needed practical experience in the classroom.

As a result of this project, two of our 2021 graduates, Anthea Wiesie and Premrose Landau, have been contracted by The Bitou 10 Foundation to spend three days per week in the Grade R classrooms at Kwanokuthula and Kranshoek Primary Schools. This opportunity gives them insight into teaching in a formal school environment as well as hands on experience working with the Grade R teachers and learners.

Both Anthea and Premrose expressed their heartfelt gratitude and excitement for this opportunity, with Anthea saying, “I want to be the best that I can be. I want learners to feel free to talk to me and tell me if something is bothering them. I wish to bring happiness and love into their lives.” And Premrose adding, “I want to understand the difference between a pre-school and a Grade R classroom. I wish to focus on developing learners’ fine motor skills and coordination. It is so important for their growth and development.”

Both practitioners have a wealth of knowledge and best practice teaching methodologies to share with the Grade R teachers and learners. They are actively involved in the day-to-day activities of the Grade R classes and help with the planning and preparing of the daily lessons. The learners have welcomed them both into their classes and have warmed to them very quickly.

A heartfelt thank you to Mr. Faleni (Kwanokuthula Primary School Principal) and Ms. Kamfer (Kranshoek Primary School Principal) for welcoming Premrose and Anthea into their schools, and to Alain Leger for sponsoring this project.


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