What we do?

Currently Bitou 10 reaches out to the 11 WCED schools and over 30 ECD sites in the Bitou region, serving more than 8 000 children. Of these schools, 80% are based in under-resourced semi-rural communities and townships around Plettenberg Bay.  

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Bitou 10 Foundation Annual Reports

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Our Vision

Our Vision

A community in which all learners are equally empowered through learning.

Our Mission

The Bitou Education Foundation

  • provides resources to enrich teaching and learning, and
  • inspires learning and enhances opportunities for all learners in the Bitou community

Our Objectives

  1. To support access to quality basic education for all learners in the Bitou community.
  2. To support educators in ensuring that learners exceed and continuously improve performance in the Systemic and Matric assessments.
  3. To equip management, teachers, educators and support staff in their efforts to provide inclusive and effective education
  4. To equip teachers and education managers with skills in the effective and innovative use of information technology
  5. To assist in the development of effective school management and governance
  6. To support the development of learning environments that enhance effective teaching and learning
  7. To actively engage all educators, professionals, prospective volunteers and donors in the development and resourcing of programs that meet the core needs of learners in the Bitou community.
  8. To work collaboratively with Bitou Municipality and other organisations
  9. To secure the required resources to meet the needs of our beneficiaries.
  10. To enable the attainment of the strategic objectives through continuous review and effective planning of The Bitou Education Foundation activities.
Our Objectives
Our Values

Our Values

Respect: Treating all people with dignity and respect

Responsiveness: Responding to the needs of our beneficiaries.

Lifelong Learning:  Striving for excellence through continual learning.

Innovation: Embracing continuous improvement through creativity and change

Integrity: Creating an ethical environment by being honest and honouring social, financial and environmental responsibilities.