Youth Development – Khanya Project

The provision of life skills training is essential to ensure that our young school leavers are equipped with the necessary tools to support them on the next phase of their journey. Without a doubt, the prospect of leaving school can be exciting for those who have clear set goals and the financial backing to support their plans. However, for those who do not, it can be a rather bleak and daunting time.

The word ‘khanya’ means to illuminate, shine, or brighten; this is the essence of the mentorship program. It is a two-year programme offering Grade 11 and 12 learners with much needed life skills in preparation for leaving school. Topics are selected to assist these young people in developing their full academic potential, to overcome obstacles in their immediate environment, and to encourage positive behaviour.

The after-school programme is currently implemented at Murray High and Plettenberg Bay Secondary Schools, facilitated by a qualified, professional mentor providing online life skills sessions. Our Khanya matriculants are guided in their choice of career path and supported in the application process to pursue tertiary education. These sessions are conducted individually, ensuring that each learner feels confident in the choices that they are making.

While some matriculants (especially those lacking the backing of a supportive home environment) may not feel adequately prepared for the workplace or tertiary study, they can feel secure in the knowledge that a mentor is within reach to listen and guide them through the decision-making process.

Recently, due to poor internet connectivity at both schools, our Khanya mentor, Caesare Esau, reported that the Grade 11 online life skills sessions were continuously interrupted. The Bitou 10 Foundation reached out to The Computer Shop team, who after assessing the situation, installed a stronger Wi-Fi connection at both Murray High and Plettenberg Bay Secondary Schools.

Caesare has since been able to communicate with the learners and facilitate his one-hour life skills sessions without interruption. We extend our sincere thanks to Mark Brown and The Computer Shop team for supporting the Khanya Project!


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