Technology for Teaching

Technology for Education Project sees new growth

2022 has been a welcome reprieve from the challenges of the past two years and with the easing of restrictions and learners being back at school at full capacity, we have been able to expand our Technology for Education Project to include Plettenberg Bay Secondary School.

Having first been implemented in Kwanokuthula Primary School in 2019, with fantastic results, the project aims to provide learners at Plettenberg Bay Secondary School with the same opportunities to improve their performance in Mathematics, Language and Physical Science.

Both schools received hardware from the WCED (Western Cape Education Department) but needed the CAPS aligned OPTIMI (previously known as CAMI) Software in order for learners and teachers to be able to make use of it. It was also identified, that once the software was installed, a Computer Lab Assistant would need to be employed to ensure that it was all kept in optimal condition. As part of our involvement in this project, the Bitou 10 Foundation provides part remuneration towards the computer lab assistants’ monthly fees, as well as registration fees for the OPTIMI Software.

The software will allow for lessons to be taken from the classroom to the computer lab, where learners’ progress will be monitored and reports issued. Learners will also have access to the computer labs after school hours for project research purposes and extra lessons. Not only this, but teachers will also be able to access the computers after school for administration and lesson preparation purposes.

On Thursday, April 28th, OPTIMI trainers, Divan Liebenberg and Monica Ratcliff uploaded the OPTIMI software onto the computers and provided a training session for Kwanokuthula Primary and Plettenberg Bay Secondary School teachers and computer lab assistants.

As part of this initiative, OPTIMI have also offered to assist Kwanokuthula Primary School’s special needs learners, who have been sponsored laptops by the Sabrina Love Foundation, with the pro-bono installation of the software onto their laptops. These two learners have difficulty with their fine motor coordination and for this reason are unable to manipulate a handheld mouse. Thank you to the team at OPTIMI for their kind support.

As with Kwanokuthula Primary School, this project is bound to create a shift in both the teaching and learning at Plettenberg Bay Secondary school and we look forward to seeing the impact it has on their lives and studies.


B10F Divan Liebenberg OPTIMI
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